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Cava Property Management By The Numbers...

Renewal Rate

Our primary focus is to optimize your investment return.

Actual Vs. Market Rent 121%+

Not only does your property stay rented but it rents at above market rates!

Doors Managed

And we do it all locally, with personalized service

Cava knows Richmond neighborhoods inside and out. We help set the rents in these neighborhood due to the number we own.

Our Services

Gets it Rented

Advertises vacancies, screens the applicants, negotiates the lease, and collects the security deposit.

Full Onboarding Staff

100% committed to filling the vacancy and keeping the tenant in the unit.

Keeps it Rented

Solves tenant issues, maintains integrity and safety of property

Repairs and Restores

Cava Companies staffs a full-service construction company for minor and major jobs,

Return on Investment

Everything we do is designed to improve your — the investor's — return

Profit Margin

From maximizing the rental income through monitoring, to ensuring renta are collected in full and on time.

We manage your properties like we own them!

Areas Served

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We Serve the Entire Richmond Metropolitan Area

Our Team

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The company's primary mission is to prosper and profit through the purchase and redevelopment of distressed or underutilized real estate, to repurpose for sale or to be kept as long-term assets. Secondarily, the company provides services that support the primary business, such as property management, that serve the core and can be offered to the broader market in a for-profit structure.
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Cava Companies is a real estate-centric company that betters the community through the acquisition and redevelopment of distressed or underutilized real estate by fixing and selling homes in existing neighborhoods, or by fixing properties and offering them for affordable rentals. In addition, we provide related services, such as property management or recruiting, that support our primary business while benefiting related business and customers. In achieving our mission, we desire to hire and employ tremendous talent that come to build enriching careers while allowing us to thrive.
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Real estate-centric business that functions to be viable and able to thrive, regardless of market conditions, by providing an outstanding product and customer experience. The goal is to be an ethical business, sought after for services and products offered, as a top-three provider in any market we enter; allowing us to thrive and profit while enriching our staff, subcontractors, suppliers, sellers, buyers, tenants and the community.

One team. Dedicated to Making All of Richmond a Great Place to Live.

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